Blitar Tourism Film

Let me tell you about a land ..
With the soft sand and rolling waves ..
And the green expense that people call “paradise” ..

It is said that this is the resting place of the gods ..
Can you feel the spirits?
Here kings established civilization ..
Waged the war for the shake of honor ..
And closed their eyes forever ..

So here it is ..
A place with the so wonders ..
From the present to the distant past ..

Down the tunnel of time ..
Unveil the misty legend ..
Open your eyes to the wisdom and our etchings ..
And joy the vibrant cultures ..
And the warm sunrise ..

There’s no place like this ..
Can you feel the spirits ..

BLITAR — The Land Where Kings Reside

Producer : Wima Brahmantya ( DKKB )
Cinematographer : Ruda Rdp
Music Composer : Henry “Zondrex” Setiawan
Production Manager : Yohana Happy
PH : Kreatif Production
VO: Ellen J. Carpenter
Licensed by : Humas Pemerintah Kabupaten Blitar

Description In English :
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