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Berada di lembah gunung Bromo, menjadikan desa Mororejo tidak terjangkau sinyal HP. Berada di area blank-spot sinyal selular menjadi halangan terhadap informasi dari luar. Namun bagaimana jika desa tersebut terjangkau Internet untuk dimanfaatkan sebagai peningkatan mutu pendidikan di desa Mororejo… #bromo #documentary #kreatifproduction

Description In English :

Located in the valley of Mount Bromo, it makes Mororejo village unreachable by cellphone signals. Being in the blank-spot area of ​​the cellular signal becomes an obstacle to outside information. However, what if the village is reached by the Internet to be used to improve the quality of education in Mororejo village.

D-net as an internet service provider wants to campaign that they are an ISP (Internet Service Provider) that is able to do this, and with the advantages of technology and infrastructure, they have they can reach and provide Internet services in areas that are not even covered by cellular signals.

Kreatif Production is trusted by D-Net to produce this marketing campaign using a documentary film format that tells of the difficulties that have occurred in Mororejo Village. The challenge faced by the Kreatif Production Team is the weather, because the weather in the Mororejo area, which is located at the foot of Mount Bromo, changes rapidly, with extreme temperatures. Sunny mornings can turn into drizzle and fog in a short and unpredictable time. The crew who are accustomed to enjoying the warmth of the city of Surabaya also have to adapt to the cold of Mount Bromo which reaches 10 degrees Celsius in the morning.

However, the shooting process for 4 days went smoothly with a little drama with a beautiful view of nature at the foot of Mount Bromo. But what impresses us is the friendliness of the Mororejo people and their enthusiasm when invited to in-frame into the camera. Without hesitation, they invited them to enjoy coffee or snacks that they brought to their fields and told them how their potato harvest was. An unforgettable experience for the Kreatif Production Team.

#bromo #documentary #kreatifproduction

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