Q-Net | Siapa Alasanmu Mewujudkan Mimpi ?

Demi kedua orangtuanya, Rendi pemuda 18 tahun, mewujudkan mimpinya untuk menjadi pemain sepak bola internasional. Dengan tekad yang kuat, tidak ada mimpi yang tidak mungkin. Perjuangannya telah membawanya hingga berlatih di Manchester City di Etihad Stadium… #documentary #football #manchestetcity #kreatifproduction

Description In English :

Q-Net International, a direct selling company in Indonesia, wants to inspire its members about the need for a big dream, and how to achieve that dream even though it is a tough and winding process. Q-Net is also the main sponsor of the Manchester City international football team so that with this collaboration program Q-Net can send Indonesian talents in the field of football to train to Manchester City, England with international class coaches.

From the various talented youths, Q-Net picked up stories that inspired the trainees. Rendi, from Surabaya, represented Indonesia to train at Manchester City, England. With a family background with a difficult economy, for the sake of his parents, 18 year old Rendi, he realized his dream to become an international football player. With determination, no dream is impossible. His struggles have taken him to train at Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, England.

Kreatif Production is trusted by Q-Net to produce a documentary that tells of Rendi’s struggle to get to Manchester City. The shooting process lasted for 3 days by taking sets in various iconic locations in Surabaya such as Jalan Tunjungan, Gentengkali, to show a struggle of Arek Suroboyo in pursuing his dream of what he loves, namely football. For shooting in England, Kreatif Production collaborates with a production house in Manchester to take part in the Rendi training process in the UK, thus saving time for the shooting process.

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